Finest components: Sprague Atom,Polyester Caps,F&T Caps
Carbon Film & DALE RN65 Resistors.

Hand Wired
All Tube Guitar Amps

Real Suede

Real Suede or Any Color Tolex

You can order your amp wrapped in any color real suede!
Suede will actually give your combo amp an improved bass response since the suede is 1/8 in thick! The ultimate in boutique tone! 

Why Choose Us

Your amp is built with many NOS components used in the originals!. We use Made in USA wiring in all amps! Our hand crafted cabinets are assembled by our carpenters with over 50 yrs experience!
Our experience in building these amps comes from not just knowledge of the circuits but in listening to the actual amps and spending thousands of hours in learning the electronics and how each particular model/circuit is different and which parts to use to achieve the  sound they originally produced.

With you every step of the way!

From the moment you order your custom amp to helping you with any questions you have about dialing in your amp to get the tone you want, we are here to help you via email, live chat on Instagram or by phone! 
Your amp will also be properly wrapped and packaged and insured for safe delivery around the world!

It's in the details

Wattage: 22 watt, 50 watt, 100 watt
(Half Power Switches Available)
Cabinet:   Head or Combo
Covering: Tolex any color or Suede any color 
Dimensions: Head 10-in deep x  21-in wide x 11-in tall. Combo w/ 1×12 speaker 10-in deep x 20.5-in wide x 21-in tall
Power output tubes: 6v6 or 6L6 or EL34
Weight: Head: 24 to 36 lbs  (depending on wattage) Combo: 40 to 45 lbs (depending on wattage)
All our amps use overspec’d Hammond transformers, and are made with top-quality components including Made-In-USA wiring and other similar components like the original D- Style amps.
Customer Reviews

What They Say


Purchased the
22 Watt Overdrive Special Combo. Frank, Waterloo

“I was in the market for a boutique hand-wired amp. Knowing what the large brands had on the market, I just couldn’t find what I was looking for. I found Guy online and after checking out his products, knew he’d be the guy to build exactly what I was looking for.

He delivered an absolutely amazing product. His craftsmanship is beyond stellar, and I challenge anyone to compare against any of the big brands – you won’t be disappointed.

It looks fantastic, oozes tone for days, and is locally built from scratch. That right there is the trifecta you can’t get buying from one of the big brands.”


Purchased the
100 watt JM Signature
Dawson. Edmonton.

“I had the option to totally customize the look of my amp and choose wattage (an option you don’t always get when buying an amp). Build time and delivery was quick for a custom hand built amp, packaging was very secure and kept the amp nice and safe.
I got the JM model 100-watt, I must say the amp is everything I was looking for! Very responsive to the touch, deep bass, and if you’re a percussive player you’ll love the sound of palm mutes and slaps. The amp is very loud and has endless clean headroom. There is a switch for boost and gain which can get you into some really gritty classic rock tones (even with single coils) if you’re a John Mayer or SRV fan this is the amp for you. (The amp also takes any pedal really well)”


Purchased the
JM Signature
50 watt Combo
Jeff. Michigan USA

“Wow! From the start of the amp build process, Guy has been over the top friendly and helpful! Communication is key I believe when it comes to custom builds and Guy certainly did not lack that! Emails with pictures included made the process exciting! When it came to the amp he had plenty of options available for customization. When the amp arrived it was just as beautiful as the pictures I received along the way! Better yet the amp just sounds AMAZING! The clean tone is phenomenal and it takes pedals well! Even at low bedroom volumes this amp does not disappoint! Totally nailed the tone I was searching for without having to break the bank for other well known boutique amps that are on the market.

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Absolute commitment to quality

Our Warranty Promise

All amps come with 1 -Year parts and labor warranty. Tubes are warranted for 90 days.

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