Craig B. Toronto ON Canada,  Guitar Enthusiast, Lead Guitar. Overdrive Special 20 watt combo Black Alligator.

 I needed an amp I could enjoy at home/ condo and also take to local gigs. This amp accomplished that. I absolutely love this amp! This amp sounds fantastic. The amp is more articulate then any of my other amps! I am dialing in tones easier than ever before. My effects sound great with the built in effects loop! This is easily my favorite amp. The overdrive is outstanding , better than any overdrive pedal I have owned and I have had a lot of them! Their are so many different levels of overdrive with the separate vol and drive knob that I can adjust it to my preference!

Jeff M , Sterling Heights, Michigan USA. Guitar Enthusiast…. JM Signature 50 watt combo.

Wow! From the start of the amp build process, Guy has been over the top friendly and helpful! Communication is key I believe when it comes to custom builds and Guy certainly did not lack that! Emails with pictures included made the process exciting! When it came to the amp he had plenty of options available for customization. When the amp arrived it was just as beautiful as the pictures I received along the way! Better yet the amp just sounds AMAZING! The clean tone is phenomenal and it takes pedals well! Even at low bedroom volumes this amp does not disappoint! Totally nailed the tone I was searching for without having to break the bank for other well known boutique amps that are on the market (I’ve owned some)! Guy’s attention to detail and love for building amps is what makes these amplifiers special! To this day I still talk with Guy (he’s a great person!) Do yourself a favor and place an order with him!

Paul M. Dartmouth Nova Scotia .. Guitarist in Rasquatch from Halifax… Overdrive Reverb 50 watt combo ,Orange Suede.

This amp is really sweet!! It can really roar if you want it to and it has headroom for days, sounds and looks absolutely beautiful! The sustain is crazy! The overdrive channel is really really nice! You can get into Derek Trucks and Carlos Santana territory easily. It also takes pedals amazing well in the effects loop!!

Frank, Waterloo Ontario Guitar Enthusiast…. Overdrive Special Combo

I was in the market for a boutique hand-wired amp. Knowing what the large brands had on the market, I just couldn’t find what I was looking for. I found Guy online and after checking out his products, knew he’d be the guy to build exactly what I was looking for. I sent him a few emails outlining my thoughts, and he cheerfully took on my project.

He delivered an absolutely amazing product. His craftsmanship is beyond stellar, and I challenge anyone to compare against any of the big brands – you won’t be disappointed. Guy kept in constant communication, provided updates, pictures, and was always receptive to my questions.

If you take nothing else from this review, know that you will not be disappointed having Guy build you an amp. He took the vision I had in my mind and created exactly what I was looking for. It looks fantastic, oozes tone for days, and is locally built from scratch. That right there is the trifecta you can’t get buying from one of the big brands.

Thank you, Guy.

Dawson, Edmonton, Alberta Recording Artist Lead and Rhythm Guitarist…100 watt JM Signature Amp

Guy was very helpful in answering all my questions. I had the option to totally customize the look of my amp and choose wattages (an option you don’t always get when buying an amp). build time and delivery was quick for a custom hand built amp, packaging was very secure and kept the amp nice and safe.
I got the JM model 100watt, I must say the amp is everything I was looking for! Very responsive to the touch, deep bass, and if you’re a percussive player you’ll love the sound of palm mutes and slaps. The amp is very loud and has endless clean headroom. There is a switch for boost and gain which can get you into some really gritty classic rock tones (even with single coils) if your a John Mayer or SRV fan this is the amp for you. (The amp also takes any pedal really well)
Guy was great throughout the whole process and sent lots of pictures and updates as the build progressed. I would recommend this amp to anyone!
I should add that Guy makes awesome attenuators for a good price as well, It makes it possible for me to get full use out of it at bedroom volumes.
Thanks Guy!

Paige Armstrong , Toronto Ontario . Professional Guitarist Recording Artist………………… 100 watt JM Signature Amp

Can’t get enough of the tones coming from my JM Signature amp. AmpGuy nailed it! I own many amps and this by far my favorite !

Amazing tones ! Amp also takes pedals well and also sounds amazing on its own! Thank you Guy!

100 watt JM Amp

Adam, Hamilton, Ontario . Lead Guitarist Recording Artist………………………100 watt JM Signature Amp

Thank you very much Guy for building this amp for me. The amp seems to be able to adapt to whatever I throw at it whether I’m just using the amp with no effects or using any combination of pedals, it just works. I had my reservations about the passive effect loop but I have had zero issues and it sits the effects perfectly in the wet dry mix. The contour knob with the boost on makes live adjustments effortless, which is worth its weight in gold! The reverb is outstanding as there are so many options for digital reverbs these days, but I find myself using the built in send return reverb more often than not. Lastly, I bought this amp for the powerful sweet clean tones which are stunning, but I keep finding myself cranking the amp in to overdrive as it is the tightest most percussive overdrive I have heard. I was under the impression that this amp could only be used for certain styles of playing, but as I continue to discover more about the amp I can’t imagine there is a style that couldn’t be played through it with the correct configurations. I am a proud owner and other musicians are fascinated with the tones it is able to produce. Lastly, I’d like to say Guy is the nicest person and very accommodating to my requests, he even offered me breakfast and coffee when I was at his house picking up the amp. I look forward to working with Guy in the future.

Jordan A. , Australia. Recording Artist Lead and Rhythm Guitarist ……………………….50 watt JM Signature

I am entirely aware taste and tone is entirely subjective.

All that being said I’ve just got the amp to my studio and plugged it up and lost an hour and a half whilst my girlfriend sits patiently\desperately in need of dinner.



I have never been happy with a guitar amp before and the whole time I thought it was my fault\problem.

Not so.

I haven’t played a good guitar amp before.

Yours is a GREAT one

Thank you !

Grayson, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Lead Guitarist . ……………………….20 watt JM Signature

“The AmpGuy JM amp is responsive, incredibly sweet and plenty loud. It nails JM’s tone and produces the warmest, most honest clean tones I’ve ever heard. Guy is professional, friendly and very knowledgeable. He will make sure you are satisfied with your purchase. I’m very happy with my JM amp and have recommended Guy’s products to friends.”

Dave, Newmarket, Ontario. Lead Guitarist Recording Artist . ……………………….50 watt JM Signature

“The JM Signature Head is the amp I’ve been looking for all my life…

It truly allows me to feel and hear each individual guitar’s personality and gives me absolute response to the dynamics in my playing. All the controls hit the right areas and let me dial in many perfect configurations. My pedals especially come to life ! “

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