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I got into studying and building tube guitar circuits in 2010 because I realized I could not find the best tone from a mass produced amp. I realized there was so much room for improvement and that is why I started building and selling amps. 

My favorite amps were always the Dumble circuits! 

Our experience in building these amps comes from not just knowledge of the circuits but in listening to the actual amps and spending thousands of hours in learning the electronics and how each particular model/circuit is different and which parts to use to achieve the  sound they originally produced.


The dream of wanting to show others that there was a better sound out there took the help of many people and I want to thank them here! 

 First I want to thank Dave for his amazing guitar work! Dave makes the amps come to life! I want to thank my Dad who helped us at the start with his cabinet designs! I would like to thank my nephew Gaetano for his amazing marketing skills and his craftsmanship work!


Since then we have become a boutique builder of hand wired tube guitar amps and cabinets and have shipped them safely around the world.  All our amps are hand wired with the finest components and are crafted after his legendary circuits. We are among the most affordable builder of these amps. The tone from these amps rivals that from some of the finest amps. We also build and cover head, combo and speaker cabinets with Tolex/Suede. Whether you’re playing at home or on a stage we will make you sound better than ever before!

We are located in downtown Toronto. We now ship worldwide!

Our Amps are built with the finest USA/CAN and EU components.


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